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I have been working with Ash for over six months now and she has been an incredible blessing. It's hard to put into words what we shift and release in sessions - she is far beyond a massage therapist.


She helps me unlock and release tension, toxins, trauma, patterns and wounds from my whole life safely and with grace. I hold so much in my body and she has helped me so much in returning to my balance and power in all ways.


She is so intuitive and almost embodies me in sessions so she can feel, sense and know exactly what I am moving through. There is something so powerful when someone can truly understand you and see you with fresh eyes.


I am so grateful to have found her and I highly recommend a bodywork session if you're in the Northern Rivers.

Leave all expectations at the door and experience her magic.


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Each session has been a unique journey, deeper than massage and more expansive than energy work. Yet, each delivered what I craved, didn't know I needed, couldn't articulate & needed reminding of.


I've vanished into other realms on the table & returned in an entirely different space. I've laid down a disconnected, lonely mess & woken fully supported with anchored sureness after being lovingly guided home to my body.


There aren't words for all the magic that happens under your care, but it always feels divine in timing - physically, energetically & emotionally.


This year's been one of my wildest & having sessions with you has been an essential element in keeping grounded.


Your devotion to bodywork is so apparent Ash & felt in every session. What you deliver is medicine, pleasure, time travel & therapy, all weaved into a beautiful experience I'd urge anyone to gift themselves.


Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart xxx



asha has an amazing ability to bring you back into your body to get in touch with your own intuition and heart.

I have left Asha every time feeling deeply connected to my body and a strengthened energy and confidence. couldn't recommend her work more highly!


Ash has a truly magical touch. 

In the few sessions I’ve received from Ash I’ve felt so deeply held and ablE TO totally soften.

She holds a safe space where healing is received through utter relaxation. 

Receiving regularly from ash feels like a vital part of how I care for myself


Gratefully received a session from Ash on Sunday and can truly speak to the magic of her touch.


Ash works with a slowness that you simply don’t find with many body workers.


The way she can find ‘the spot’ where you suddenly start melting away… She knows & will give these parts the attention they really need.


Highly recommend. 



I had the absolute pleasure of receiving bodywork from this beautiful woman on Sunday.


It literally felt like a team of angels were working on me, unfurling my energy body and nourishing my physical vessel.


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