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1:1 bodywork session


1:1 Bodywork Sessions are facilitated through the modality of massage intertwined with energy work that emphasises a few common threads: slowness, deep presence, tenderness & safety.

Each session is intended to be deeply relaxing, nurturing, nourishing and soothing. This time is for you, completely devoted to tending to your body, heart & soul.

Whilst remedial massage is the base of the treatment, this session is innately intuitive.  I will follow where the body instructs me to go using techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, energy work, gua sha & sound therapy.

These sessions include pre & post drop in and chat about what you are currently moving through and any areas you'd like to focus on. As well as some gentle guidance and reflections at the end of each session.

1hr 15min  $175

1.5hr         $210

2hr            $280

Initial consult & treatment is a1.5 hr session

1:1 energy weaving session


In 1:1 Energy Weaving sessions we access your system via the energetic body. Using a mixture of hand to body touch, pressure points & elevated touch to shift, move and transmute.

I’ll be tuning into your system and energy body and listening for information and anything your body wants me to know. Acknowledging any blockages, clearing what no longer serves, using the breath, sound, and my innate understanding of energy to read the body and what it's needing.

These Energy Weaving sessions are for those desiring a deeper connection to the unseen realms, intuitive downloads, deeply regenerative & activating. Transcendent & mystical. These sessions are aimed to connect you back to your essence and offer gentle guidance & reflections to bring you into deeper alignment.

Energy Weaving differs to Bodywork Sessions as you remain fully clothed on the table and no oil massage will take place.

Sessions include pre & post drop in and chat about what you are currently moving through and any areas you'd like to focus on.


1hr 15min $175

1.5hr        $210

2hr           $280


A message from Asha

"My core values and intentions with my offerings is in sacred caretaking, intentional touch & nervous system soothing.


One of my gifts as a Reflector in Human Design is that I can reflect your energy back to you. I can do this in many different ways depending on how you best receive information.

Sometimes it’s through spoken word, reflecting back your innate gifts and beauty, sharing what makes you shine or where you need some extra love and attention...

More often than not, I’m just matching your energy, I can pick up pretty quickly where you’re at and meet you there. I’m not here to force an outcome or project how to “fix” you.

My tendency is to work with the body and system as a whole, reaching to all the parts, shifting and facilitating space for you to be heard & understood, tending to you physically, energetically and reflecting back anything I feel to be helpful to you.

It is always my intention to deliver information with integrity, tact and tenderness in a way that supports gentle growth. 

These are my natural gifts that long to serve you."

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