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The Shadow Gua Sha is made from certified Black Obsidian. Lovingly created to help support you in connecting more deeply to yourself and your body.


On a therapeutic level Gua Sha is incredible for releasing muscle tension, encouraging blood circulation, and moving stagnancy in the body. It promotes lymphatic drainage, a stronger immune system, and the reduction of inflammation.


It can also help with skin elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness, cellulite as well as sculpting and toning.


The Gua Sha is a beautiful tool for self-massage, body care and supporting you in a deeper connection with your body.



Shadow - Obsidian Gua Sha

  • Black Obsidian is most well known for its ability to both protect and transmute negative energy. It can assist in releasing and shifting emotion. It is deeply grounding and can help to keep you steady in turbulent times.


    Each Gua Sha has been cleansed and cleared by Asha energetically and with ritual smoke, ready for you to program your crystal with an intention before use.


    To take care of your crystal gua sha, please wash with warm soapy before and after each use to make sure it is clean from any dirt or bacteria it may come into contact with. Be careful to take caution while washing as they can become quite slippery!


    Asha Ritual advises to either keep it safe in its provided linen bag or displayed in one of the wooden holders available to purchase online.

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