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remote energy sessions

In a 1:1 remote Energy Weaving session I’ll be tuning into your system and energy body to gather information and reflect back to you what is showing up.


Acknowledging blockages, clearing what no longer serves, using the breath, sound, & movement with my innate understanding of energy to read the body and what it's needing.​

These Energy Weaving sessions are for those desiring a deeper connection to the unseen realms, intuitive downloads and the mystical. I'll also be utilising ritual tools such as frequency cards, cleansing smoke, crystal, anchoring through intention and calling forth your guides and spirit team for guidance and clarity.


Sessions will look different person to person depending on what is required & desired. Aimed to connect you back to your essence and offer gentle guidance & reflections to bring you into deeper alignment.

Bring your earphones and have a comfortable and quiet place to rest as i work remotely on your system.


Session includes both a pre & post session drop in.

1hr     $149

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