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THE SOFTENING - $195 paid monthly 

includes:1x 1.5hr in person Massage Ritual or Energy Weaving session monthly

THE NURTURING - $390 paid monthly

includes: 2x 1.5hr in person Massage Ritual or Energy Weaving session monthly

THE BLOSSOMING - $260 paid monthly

includes: 1x 2hr in person Massage Rituals or Energy Weaving session monthly

THE DEEPENING - $520 paid monthly

includes: 2x 2hr in person Massage Ritual or Energy Weaving session monthly

THE UNFOLDING - $325 paid monthly

includes: 1x 2.5hr in person Massage Ritual session monthly

THE DIVINING - $650 paid monthly

includes: 2x 2.5hr in person Massage Ritual session monthly


i see the most benefit of my work and best results in clients when we are working on a consistent basis. when there is commitment to dropping in cyclicly, the body can start to relax into a rhythm and safety of being nurtured on a regular basis.

"Just coming out of my regular weekend session with Asha. I had a major trauma release and deep re-opening through my body.

I am in total awe and gratitude for the depth of cellular healing and nervous system regulation I receive from her body work sessions. I have been working with Asha consistently for two years now and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without her work. Working through the body has supported me to embody deeper levels of what I access and awaken to through Kinesiology. The combination of these methods is profound.

Highly recommend this woman's work, she is a medicine woman, pure channel and body alchemist. Ash, thank you" 

Zoe Bosco.


each month/fortnight (depending on which membership you choose) we will drop into the space with a chat, feeling into what you are moving through and how best to support your system as a whole in our sessions.

there is no set routine to each session, we will move with the wisdom of your body and what it needs in the moment as we stay flexible to the natural changes & cycles of life

The membership can be applied to both MASSAGE RITUALS or ENERGY WEAVING - click on either to learn about what each entails.

Your commitment:

Showing up for monthly bodywork sessions over the period of 4 months

Able to attend monthly/fortnightly in person sessions in Byron Bay

-  Attendance in Byron Bay is only available on Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Once your monthly amount has been paid, there are no refunds. If you are unable to make your session please give me 24-48hr notice so that i can fill your spot. If there is an emergency or reason you are not able to continue the remainder of your membership please contact me directly.

Are you ready to commit to tending to your body on a regular basis?  

I'd love to hear from you!

If you'd like to chat further or confirm your spot, tap the button below and send me a message.

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